Check Valves

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Check ValveAll Sizes & Specifications

Counterweight Check Valve

Counterweight Check Valve a.1 jordan.png
  • Size: DN100-DN2000

  • Nominal pressure designation PN10/16

  • Face to face: EN558 Series 14

  • Flanges: PN10/16

  • Inspection test: EN12266-1

  • Product color: Blue RAL 5005 or RAL 5017

  • Double eccentric design

Check Valve Wafer Type

Check Valve Wafer Type a.1 jordan.png
  • Ultra thin check valve

  • With large open-close angle

  • Compact structure

  • Smooth circulation

  • Light Weight

  • Easy to assemble

  • With or Without spring type

  • Size Range: DN32-DN600

Swing Check Valve

Swing Check Valve a.1 jordan.png
  • Full port

  • Bolted cover

  • Suitable for both horizontal and vertical installation

  • Product color: Blue RAL 5005 or RAL 5017

  • Wet spray or FBE coated

  • Size Range: DN40-DN600

Ball Check Valve

Ball Check Valve a.1 jordan.png
  • Steel + rubber ball

  • BSP threaded connection type

  • Flanged connection type

  • Size range: DN40-DN600

Dual Plate Check Valve

Dual Plate Check Valve a.1 jordan.png
  • Wafer body style fits between flanges type A (flat face) or B (raised face)

  • Upper and lower PTFE thrust washers

  • Resilient NBR/EPDM seat

  • Dual Plate Valves give maximum strength with minimum opening time

  • Torsion springs assist valve closure, preventing flow reversal

  • Thrust washers reduce friction and wear of valve plate hinges

  • Size Range: DN40-DN800