Ferrules Straps


Straps and Ferrules for Mains to Service Pipe Connections

The A.1 Jordan range of Self Tapping Ferrule Straps, Swivel Ferrules and Flat Boss Straps can be used to connect PE, copper and threaded pipes to almost any type and size of mains pipe material from 32mm in diameter. Straps are available up to 315mm in diameter as standard with larger sizes available on request. Ferrules can be inserted directly into suitable mains pipe of any size as long as both wall section and wall strength allow.

A.1 Jordan Bronze Self Tapping Ferrule Straps

A.1 Jordan Bronze Self Tapping Ferrule Straps for PE, PVC and AC mains pipe incorporate an integral ferrule with a self contained cutter, eliminating the need for drilling machines. Straps are made from aluminium bronze or gunmetal or a combination of aluminium bronze or gunmetal and plastic making the product durable and corrosion resistant. The strap also uses a specially designed cutter, which tests show greatly reduces the risk of bursting a PVC main or creating a swarf blockage whilst cutting. Aluminium bronze straps have the added benefit of reduced weight

A.1 Jordan

A.1 Jordan is a 100% Jordanian manufacturer Specialized in water fittings industry. We offer a wide range of Gunmetal Ferrules Straps, PP Compression Fittings and all types of valves




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